Services & Treatments

When you work with Manjot, she uses her specialised skills to diagnose and carefully create a bespoke treatment program specifically for your personalised needs.

Below are a few of the various treatment modalities Manjot offers within your osteopathic care to a healthier, pain & stress-free body and life.

Osteopathy (Classical and Functional)

– Joint articulation

– Myofascial release & Somato-emotional myofascial release

– Stretches

– Visceral techniques

Gait Analysis

– Analysis of the way in which one walks, with guided variations to understand which areas are functioning well and determine other areas that need improvement.

Functional Exercises & Stretches

– Functional osteopathy works with the patient’s own natural movements and the osteopath applies their hands to guide movement to encourage and restore function.

Stress Management & Mindfulness

– Management of stress can be achieved through many approaches depending on one’s requirements. This varies from breathing techniques, guided visualisation, nutrition and exercises to help individual stress levels.

– Manjot uses a variety of mindfulness tools to help you manage your pain and re-connect with yourself, to allow positive healing in your life.

* Please bare in mind that Manjot’s treatments are not technique-driven, therefore every patient will receive bespoke treatments unique to their needs and for the effects achieved. The above treatment approaches are a guideline for the various types that may be used for a patient’s treatment plan.

Complimentary discovery session to osteopathy with Manjot (20 mins) This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you may have in regards to osteopathy or treatment for yourself.


For further information on osteopathic treatments and how Manjot can best support you in your health, please enquire directly by sending an e-mail to and you shall receive a reply within 24 hours.