VIP Group Wellbeing Program

O N E : B O D Y

The Ultimate Mind | Body Connection Master-Program


This is an exclusive program being offered by Manjot to help women move past the blocks that are preventing them from healing their pain and deep wounds at the root cause. This pioneering and innovative program has been carefully created by Manjot, with your needs and challenges in mind, to breakthrough to the complete wellbeing of you.

Why  O N E : B O D Y?

O N E : Meaning universal – where we connect from our brain and spiritual beliefs
B O D Y : Our physical uniqueness – where the “ONE” resides within our spectacular selves, experiences life from and connects to

If any of these resonate with or speaks to you, O N E : B O D Y Masterclass VIP program is for you!
– You feel stressed or get stressed
– You want to release pain from your body
– There is a memory or series of thoughts that play on your mind about the pain you experience
– You experience physical aches and pains
– You frequently get back or neck pain or tightness in the upper back
– You get headaches that start at your neck
– You experience pelvic pain or hip pain
– You feel the pain always starts from a bad experience such as a conflict or argument or a long day that wasn’t entirely enjoyable
– You have difficulty getting a good night’s rest when sleeping and feel easily disturbed/woken up by thoughts
– You struggle to sleep or relax
– You experience digestive issues such as constipation
– You know there is an unhealed hurt within you but avoid it
– You feel frequently tight and tense in your body
– You feel disconnected and want to deeply connect to yourself and others but don’t know how

–  You want to permanently release a pain experience that cycles back and forth in and from your life
– Your live with pain and are used to it
– You experience “good and bad days” with pain
– You keep going in and out of pain
– You’re management of pain consists of medications, ignoring it and letting it be
– You feel held back by your pain and unable to do or achieve whatever you want
– You feel a sense of unease and anxiety
– You feel exhausted and unhappy inside
– You sometimes wonder “what’ the point”
– You stop yourself from going places or doing things because you fear you may feel pain and will be unwell for days after
– You’re in a daily pattern of work, home, work, home with little enjoyment or laughter, and more aches and pains
– You feel pain in a specific part of your body or all over after a long day
– You have fears around pain
– You feel you just have to live with this pain now, as there’s nothing that can help
– You question yourself
– You don’t always enjoy your life or work because of the pain
– You have fears around expressing how you feel about the pain you experience, or feel others don’t understand
– When you do express yourself, you feel unheard, unseen and passed to the side
– You want to release deep stress, anxiety, fears, pains and pressure
– You want to learn how to trust your body more
– You’ve tried many things to help heal your pain but nothing seems to have been permanent
– You want to feel free and more connected to yourself and others
– You want to get unstuck from being held back from your pain
– You want more peace and calmness in your life
– You want to enjoy your life with your family and children more
– You want to move forward and experience joy without fear of being in pain
– You feel it’s difficult to make your needs a priority, and don’t have the time or resources for it
– You want to know what the root-cause of your pain is and heal it
– You’re ready to move to the next level of your personal journey, into a happier and more joy-filled chapter for your health, wellbeing and life
Do any of these sound familiar?

O N E : B O D Y  has been specifically created by Manjot to help women break through their limiting beliefs and blocks around pain, to get to the root causes of their pain experiences and fears, in a supportive environment where everyone is on their own journey.
O N E : B O D Y  is here to break through any sense of self devaluation and promote Deeper and True Healing | Reconnection | Greatness | Empowerment | Relaxation | Peace | Honouring Yourself | Valuing Yourself | Releasing Through Body Work | And Simply Knowing You Ae More Than Enough

O N E : B O D Y  is a dynamic, spiritual, mind-body connected innovative program, that’s here to facilitate your own healing, accept and release the pain experience, and re-gain lost power.

Why choose O N E : B O D Y? (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!)

– You will learn how to honour yourself, and your body with love, kindness and care
– You will learn how to make yourself and your needs a priority without guilt or a fight against time
– You will find out exactly what’s causing your pain, aches, digestive issues
– You will learn what is triggering your pain and healing
– The results are profound as you find out what the root-cause and emotional beliefs are around your pain experience addressing the part of you that says “I don’t think I have any blocks around releasing my pain or healing, but I’ve been trying to work on feeling better for the past 5 or 10 years”
– An invaluable experience as we breakthrough what’s holding your back from allowing your pain to fully heal and heal the voice inside you that says “this is too good to be true”
– You will notice a difference in your body and pain experience by feeling a sense of freedom instead of “this keeps happening and coming back”
– You will feel more relaxed, at ease and less tense
– You will feel lighter and joy-filled as the experiences you have about pain will begin healing
– You will breakthrough the blocks that are keeping you stuck in a pain cycle and held back from what you want instead of “I feel better, but I’m still not where I want to be”
– You will get to the deeper root-cause of your pain
– You will learn the pain you are experiencing is a portal for healing and the suffering from the pain experience is being created and amplified by fears
– Your healing journey and breakthroughs will transform yourself and your life
– Being in a small and intimate group and sharing your experiences and journey elevates one another and increases connection
– You will learn, feel and embody just how incredibly spectacular you and your body is and not “well, it’s doing okay, but it could be better”
– You will realise that everything you experience happens for you and your healing so you can live the life you want

– You will no longer feel a fear around pain

What does O N E : B O D Y consist of and how will it go?

– An initial 15 minutes one-to-one enquiry call with Manjot (valued at £250.00)

– 6 weekly small group sessions in a private space (1 hour) and limited to 6 places only per program

– 1 group call a week (1 hour)

– Tailored to your specific blocks and pain experience

– Bodywork: Breathing (diaphragmatic) connecting to blocks around pain release | Stretches to areas of body that hold onto tension & emotional memories/beliefs | Release tension from the “muscles of the soul” | Guided visualisation to connect to your subconscious mind through beliefs around pain and healing | Releasing areas of pain using advanced healing methods | Emotional freedom techniques around stored areas of tension and pain experiences

– Manjot will give you customised exercises catered to you and your specific needs

– 10min Q & A’s after each session


To secure your booking e-mail with your name and contact details, and we will take care of the rest.

Cost: £997.00 – For what you will receive through the results from your investment, the value is truly priceless!

If you have any questions about this and how it can help you, or would like to speak to Manjot personally before, e-mail us at and we will schedule a call for you.
“Living healthy starts with taking the changes you want and making them things beyond want, beyond desire, to making them a must, something that must happen and it must happen now and there’s no question about it in your life.” – Tony Robbins

Wishing you power and courage in your wellbeing always,

Manjot Dehala M.Ost