About Manjot

Manjot Dehala is an internationally recognised osteopathic manual practitioner (educated at the British School of Osteopathy in London, England) and wellbeing speaker/educator.

She is a women’s pain and healing expert, specialising in the powerful mind, body and spirit connection to physical and emotional pain (particularly from areas of stress).

She treats each unique woman as a whole; her approach is to compassionately find the core of where a woman feels devalued within herself and her life, understand and transform the source of the pain at the root cause into wellness, to learn the lesson of what the pain is expressing, eliminate fear around pain; and support her in empowering herself to become a healed, stronger, more self loving woman.

Manjot has a wealth of experience and combines a variety of holistic treatments and methods, with individualised, concrete steps and practices to alleviate and release physical and emotional pain from a woman’s body.

With a reputation for achieving long-term, sustainable results, Manjot has gained a dedicated following, including some of the world’s most recognised faces and families in business, media and the arts.

She supports women in their healing; those who experience chronic pain, pain in cycles, feel devalued, not enough, overwhelmed, deeply stressed, and are seeking long-term healing. Manjot’s specialised and skilled attention focuses on her patient’s specific needs, goals and aspirations, with a deeply caring and comprehensive approach. She ensures they are heard, seen and can move forward in their lives with courage and hope, by providing personalised solutions and treatments for their unique requirements, fulfilling their vision and release pain from the root cause, not just the symptoms. Her dedication towards her patients provides them with fulfilling life-changes and relaxation by re-connecting with themselves, freeing them from their pain to live healthily and joyfully!

Manjot is registered with the following council:

  • The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC – Regulating body in the United Kingdom)

Manjot is a member of the following association:

  • Institute of Osteopath (IO)

Manjot Dehala I'm Registered Mark 7833