Welcome to Manjot Dehala Osteopathic Wellness

Internationally recognised British trained Osteopath and pain expert Manjot Dehala’s private practice is based in London. She specialises in women’s physical health, chronic pain and the impact from and on the mind, body and spirit of the women she works with. Her specialised and skilled attention focuses on your individual goals, and with a personalised approach using her advanced methodology and non-invasive healing treatments, promotes inner healing within your mind and body, so you can live a pain-free and alive life!

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Osteopathy & Pregnancy

During pregnancy enormous physical, chemical and emotional changes take place over a relatively short period of time. The body has…

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Musculoskeletal Concerns

Osteopathy uses ‘hands-on’ techniques to influence the way the body works. It is seen as a form of manual medicine…

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Stress Management and Healthy Lifestyle

Almost everyone deals with stress at certain times in their lives. Patient’s start to experience many symptoms related to stress; aching shoulder, neck and back…

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