• When I first went to visit Manjot, I was experiencing a lot of difficulty in my body. Being a runner since I was  a teenager, I was used to running 10k a day, but after my pregnancy I could barely go for a walk around the block and this was extremely disheartening as with my job, I relied on my physical activity a lot to relieve stress.

    I went to see Manjot when I was 4 months pregnant with my second baby and throughout the 5 months I experienced great relief from the prior symptoms (long-term hip and neck-pain and headaches). She took great care of me and really helped me to understand what was going on in my body and the changes occurring. The treatments immediately provided great relief, leaving me feeling flexible and relaxed. Manjot gave me great stretches and exercises that really helped with alleviating any discomfort I would feel between treatments. She paced them well so that I was always comfortable and I slowly incorporated these when I would pick up my son from preschool. Her treatments always left me feeling like I was walking on air and I really appreciated it! I am enjoying motherhood! I’ve started running and exercising again and it feels great!

    I am really thankful to Manjot for all she has done and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for long-term pain relief, answers to any concerns, whilst receiving extremely professional, caring and thoughtful treatments. You’re truly a star Manjot! Thank you!

    Ana | Lawyer

  • I would definitely recommend the osteopathic services of Manjot Dehala. Working in consultation with my other health care providers, Manjoth has helped to not only prepare me with my physical goals, but also to achieve an an overall improved feeling of health and well-being. She has been amazing helping me with these amidst the chaos of me starting a family.

    Sarah | CEO

  • I went to see Manjot for upper back and shoulder pain that was starting to make it difficult to carry my 7 month old son for long periods of time.  Over two sessions Manjot was able to release the tension in my back significantly and provided some useful exercises to help improve my back.  The pain is now significantly less and I know who I will return to if it comes back again!

    Jessica | CEO

  • For years I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain, which became unbearable. A friend suggested going to an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, since everything else that I had done in the past was no longer working for me I took a chance that this treatment may help. I made the appointment and since I had no idea what to expect was amazed with the results! First, Manjot took a through history and spent time getting to know how my pain occurred and how my life style might affect it.  As she began the treatment, I felt movement in my neck and shoulder becoming much easier and less painful to deal with.  I experienced full range of motion with reduced pain after my second treatment and today I have full range of motion without pain.  Her personal disposition is both warm and caring, immediately putting you at ease.  I will have no hesitation in either using Manjot services again should the need arise, or recommending her to anyone looking for an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.

    V.Pasic | Government Employee

  • When I first went to see Manjot, I was a 38 year old mother of an 8 month old baby boy. My back was extremely sore from both the pregnancy and the post partum period of nursing and caring for a newborn. I felt immediate relief after the first treatment and Manjot explained to me that even though the pain was in my back, there were many areas of my body that needed attention. Manjot helped me with my posture, my core stability, breathing exercises as well as the emotional connection to my pain. Manjot’s gentle touch and amazing bedside manner have made the treatments very effective and enjoyable. She always knew exactly where the tension was, even though the pain may have been in a different area. It has been 8 months since I started seeing her, and I am now equipped with the necessary tools. I haven’t needed treatment in a few months, and I feel great!

    Mrs B. | Biomedical Researcher

  • I was referred to Manjot by a coworker who spoke so highly of her. She mentioned she was lovely and was an excellent practitioner. I began to see Manjot originally for tight and vey painful neck and upper shoulder pain. The treatments were very gentle and relaxing, yet highly effective. After years of seeking help through massage, chiropractic and other methods to only find temporary relief, Manjot has truly helped me to regain my health with osteopathic treatments. I encouraged my husband to receive treatments as well for a bad knee, as skeptical as he was, he went. The first thing I noticed when he came out of the treatment room was that he was walking without a limp and he looked quite relaxed. He told me afterwards how impressed he was and that Manjot knew exactly where to focus, and that his knee felt loosened up. He has since seen her regularly and walks virtually limp free. Thanks Manjot for taking such great care of us;  you are a true professional!

    Mr and Mrs Leong | CEO’s

  • Manjot has helped me greatly to deal effectively with chronic back pain. Not only does she provide strong symptom relief but her systemic approach has reduced the severity and frequency of my flare ups!

    Wiebke | Life Coach

  • I recently moved to London from the US and found that the stress of the move took a toll on my body. I was often sore and a painful back problem was getting worse. I ended up visiting Manjot when a friend suggested that I try Osteopathy. From the first appointment, there was an atmosphere of calm and healing that instantly boosted my health and wellbeing. Manjot’s patience, thoroughness, and genuine interest in helping me created an immediate improvement in my condition. Her personal touch was a welcome change from the clinical atmosphere of discussing health issues with my GP. She has suggested various methods to augment my healing including muscle stretches and calming exercises, in addition to her hands-on treatments, that have led to an overall improvement in my attitude and ease of movement.

    Mrs S | Hotelier

  • Manjot is a wonderful, caring and very professional osteopathic manual practitoner! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for pain relief and long-term benefits!

    Catherine | Government Employee

  • You are my favourite osteopathic manual practitoner! Thank you for all of your help and advice! It’s truly a loss for Canada but a gain for England!

    Christopher | Designer

  • Having lived through more than two decades of unrelenting pain, I went to see Manjot Dehala as my last resort for hope.

    I was in awe at the power God blessed her with.  Through her immensely gifted hands she was able to “read” what was indecipherable to the numerous specialists I was referred to in the past.  Her mastery of the osteopathic manipulative therapy magically healed the pain I’ve been enduring for so, so, many years.  I was able to breath huge sighs of relief for the first time in a long time.

    Moreover, from the first visit, I was totally impressed to see that, over and above her degrees and her solid knowledge of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, she is genuinely invested in her patient’s well being.  Her dedication and thoroughness shown throughout the diagnosis, the treatments and the follow-up assessments are exemplary.

    I am sad to see Manjot leave Canada, and wish her all the best in England where I know others will be as touched as I am by her incredible healing powers.

    Faouzia | Government Employee