Ana | Lawyer

When I first went to visit Manjot, I was experiencing a lot of difficulty in my body. Being a runner since I was  a teenager, I was used to running 10k a day, but after my pregnancy I could barely go for a walk around the block and this was extremely disheartening as with my job, I relied on my physical activity a lot to relieve stress.

I went to see Manjot when I was 4 months pregnant with my second baby and throughout the 5 months I experienced great relief from the prior symptoms (long-term hip and neck-pain and headaches). She took great care of me and really helped me to understand what was going on in my body and the changes occurring. The treatments immediately provided great relief, leaving me feeling flexible and relaxed. Manjot gave me great stretches and exercises that really helped with alleviating any discomfort I would feel between treatments. She paced them well so that I was always comfortable and I slowly incorporated these when I would pick up my son from preschool. Her treatments always left me feeling like I was walking on air and I really appreciated it! I am enjoying motherhood! I’ve started running and exercising again and it feels great!

I am really thankful to Manjot for all she has done and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for long-term pain relief, answers to any concerns, whilst receiving extremely professional, caring and thoughtful treatments. You’re truly a star Manjot! Thank you!