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Limitless Women – Long Beach, California

Presented by Laura Gisborne

Friday 31st – Sunday 2nd October 2014

Manjot was caudally invited to attend and speak at this phenomenal fundraiser celebrating Limitless Women, raising money for the Unstoppable Foundation ( to build villages, schools & medical facilities in Kenya & Uganda!

She will be speaking on Saturday 1st October 2014 about how to relieve back pain & her signature 3 S: The secrets of successful health! Sleep | Stress | Synchronicity sharing her top tips with leaders & business women who are making a difference in the world, to become even better within their health!

Come along for her top tips on how to relax your body, restore & repair it’s functions, reflect on your choices, release pain, and reach a rejuvenating radiance from within you! Heal the pain at it’s source, not just the symptoms and live your life again, fully!

“I had the honour of meeting and learning from the most incredible, humble and generous women! Who were grateful for every blessing, and cared about their life, their health & the world! 2014 has been a journey and I left LA feeling even more inspired to continue making powerful shifts to heal my patients, the world & live a life of service in philanthropy & as a dedicated Osteopath & integrated medicine healer.” – Manjot Dehala M.Ost

“How To Become Your Own Inner Physician”

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Saturday 9th August 2014 | 3.15-4pm £27.00

“Prepare Your Body For Summer!” – Between Spring Clean & Bringing Summer On With Ease & Simplicity!

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Saturday 24th May 2014 | 12-2pm £10


Mother’s Day Workshop – Expectant Mothers & Mums @ Body Works West, Notting Hill!

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Friday 28th March 2014 | 4-5.30pm £10

Guest Event @ Sweaty Betty, Kensington!

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Wednesday 12th March 2014 | 7.10-8pm

Valentines: “Love Your Body” Event @ Body Works West, Notting Hill!

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Wednesday 12th February 2014 | 4-6pm

Osteopathy & it’s benefits for Pregnancy, Stretches & Treatment approaches

Presented by Manjot Dehala M.Ost

Tuesday 15th October 2013 | 6.30-8.30pm

Kensington | £10

Macmillan Biggest Coffee Morning Fundraiser

Friday 27th September 2013

Rigby & Pellar – King’s Road, Sloane Square






























































































Complementary Osteopathic Consultations

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Barre-Toned, Notting Hill